A Career Advancement Course for
TEACHERS who want to become LEADERS

This Teacher Leader Course is a self-paced program designed with empathy for the challenges teachers face today. We understand the daily struggles and the desire to make a greater impact. This course offers step-by-step support, time-saving templates, and printable guides to help you transition smoothly from a classroom teacher to a dynamic teacher leader, driving positive change in education.

You’ll receive personalized support in identifying your unique teacher leader niche, exploring opportunities within your school system and beyond, and building a reputation and portfolio as a thought leader. Additionally, you’ll get advice on rewriting your resume and standing out in interviews from former teachers, hiring managers, and career experts. We are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring you feel confident in your journey.

You See the Need For Change in Education -
Now It's Time to Act!

We understand that as a teacher, you have a deep desire to impact positive change in education, yet you often feel limited by the constraints of your role. The Teacher Leader JOURNEY Course is designed to empower you to embrace a teacher leader mindset and embark on career advancement, allowing you to be part of the decision-making process.

It’s important to know that becoming a teacher leader doesn’t mean you have to become an administrator. There are numerous avenues through which you can make a significant difference. This course will teach you how to identify and pursue these opportunities, providing you with the skills and strategies necessary for professional development without the need for additional degrees. You’ll learn how to navigate and influence the educational landscape effectively, helping you to advance in your career and drive the positive changes you are passionate about.

What Obstacles Are Holding You Back from
Reaching your Teacher Leader Potential?

The materials and resources in the Teacher Leader JOURNEY Course are designed to address your biggest concerns, tackle your insecurities, and help you overcome your greatest fears. If you’ve considered a career transition or even taken the first steps but felt uncertain about how to proceed, this course is here to guide and support you.


Do you fear that contract restraints will hold you back?

Teacher contracts often limit flexibility within their roles. However, this course will empower you to uncover potential leadership opportunities you may not have known existed. You’ll learn to advocate for and develop new roles or transition into non-traditional education settings, all tailored to your unique teacher leader niche.

Do you feel like the system is just "too broken"?

The political landscape of education often discourages teachers from pursuing career advancement, leading them to believe they can’t make an impact. However, this course empowers teachers to leverage their unique skills and abilities to drive meaningful improvements and overcome the perceived limitations that keep education systems stagnant.

Are you concerned you need to earn more degrees?

The Teacher Leader Course offers several lessons dedicated to professional development, upskilling, and building your reputation as a thought leader in the education industry. While some teacher leader niches may require advanced degrees or certificates, many do not. Often, you just need to “package” yourself more effectively to secure the role you desire.

What's Included in the Teacher Leader Course?

The Teacher Leader

  • 7 Full-Media Units with over 15 video lessons and step-by-step guidance to walk you through the stages of your career transition.
  • A library of materials and resources to save you time and energy. You’ll find everything from professional development opportunities to sample resumes and cover letters to begin your job search with confidence and clarity.
  • Downloadable worksheets and guides to help you plan, stay organized, and manage your time regardless of where you are in your career transition.
  • Motivational resources to help you push past your limiting beliefs, unlock your teacher-leader potential, and achieve your goals!
  • Our private Facebook community of fellow transitioning teacher leaders. Collaborate with other members for motivation and support at every step of your teacher career advancement journey.


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