Leaving a Teaching Job Can Be Hard!

But Career Advancement in Education Can be Oh So Sweet!

Hi, I'm Karyn!

I know firsthand how leaving a teaching job to pursue a career with greater impact and purpose can be a mixture of emotions. And navigating the shift from the classroom to a leadership role in education can be really challenging. But fear not, I am here to help!
Let’s embark on this empowering journey together, where I’ll equip you with practical tools and strategies to boost your confidence and establish your authority in the realm of teacher and school leadership.

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Empowering Your School Leadership Journey

Leaving a teaching job can scary. But the fact that you’re here speaks volumes about your courage, talents and ambition, signaling your readiness to embrace a career-elevating position in school leadership. Whether you’re stepping into the role of a new dean, department chair, or spearheading a committee, you’ve likely realized that guiding teacher-colleagues presents a unique set of challenges compared to leading a classroom of students.

Fear not – you’ve landed in the perfect spot for guidance and support. Welcome!

Why Struggle? Benefit From My Experience

Creative School Leadership

My journey didn't kick off in the classroom; it started in the art studio. As I continued to learn and grow in my leadership journey, I made sure to keep the creative spark alive in every part of my career. Now, I'm here to help you embrace your own creative mindset as you tackle the challenges of school leadership.

Like a Boss

Educational Leadership is Challenging

Navigating school leadership is undoubtedly challenging. Your decisions carry weight, influencing not only teachers but also students, families, and the community at large. Throughout my journey, I've wholeheartedly embraced authentic and empathetic school leadership, a perspective that has proven instrumental in successfully navigating the dynamic landscape of today's education. I'm here now to share my strategies, empowering you to build confidence as a school leader and flourish in your role.

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